Teacher Appreciation Week

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, the A4L staff wishes to thank all the teachers that have made this world a better place.  A few very personal thank yous:

From Dia Carter Webb: I would like to thank Ms. Gloria Barnes who interned at Henry D. Perry Middle School in 1976. This was my first year and my seventh grade year at Perry Middle.  Ms. Barnes has an enthusiasm for teaching that was infectious for me, it made me want to be a better student in all my subjects.  Ms. Barnes took the time for each student, to find out what their interest and talents were as a person. She utilized this knowledge to engage and help students to approach learning with energy and a sense of success.  When I look back on my commitment to (arts) education as my career, I have Ms. Barnes and many other fabulous teachers to thank for their complete investment in me.

From Janet Evans, two thank yous:

For GETsmART Teachers: Through my work with Arts for Learning I feel very blessed to have met and worked with so many dedicated teachers in Miami-Dade County who have participated in the Arts for Learning GETsmART program. Because these teachers persistently invest in the art of teaching (and, therefore, invest in continually learning) I have seen some truly brilliant moments of transformation and development in their classrooms.

For our Teaching Artists: In my work at Arts for Learning I am constantly amazed at the endless dedication, talent, imagination and energy of our brilliant teaching artists. Their commitment to the process of teaching through their positively impacts the lives of hundreds of children and I am dazzled by the brilliance.

From Ivy Bennett: One of my Favorite teachers is Ms. Patterson, a third grade teacher at Charles R. Drew Elementary. Thank you for your patience, diligence and doughnuts every Friday (an extra incentive to study my spelling words). You taught me to write with confidence and in cursive, while I am still no pro at least all my letters connect. Thanks!

From Sidra Mattson Urbom: I have three very important teachers to thank.  From 2nd grade, Mrs. Mullins for teaching us our vocabulary words with sign language.  Mr. Mac, my honors high school English teacher, for making me work for my grade (first time that ever happened!).  And for Mr. Ahrens, AP Chemistry in high school for making chemistry fun and exciting and for being awesome.

From Betsy Mullins-Urwin:  I have been incredibly blessed by great educators throughout my life and this prompt is making me feel the need to write letters to a lot of people this weekend.  In the meantime, a very deep and profound thank you to Coach Hazel (AP English, high school) for encouraging all the voracious readers in a very small town.  A very overdue thank you to Paul Martyka.  I hated every minute in his design class when I was there and could not at the time appreciate just how gifted a teacher I had in front of me- I still find myself looking critically at art with his voice in the back of my head and I could not be more grateful.  And most importantly, I am forever indebted to Hiroyuki Fukuzawa for making me realize how hard and how very, very rewarding teaching can be.  Working alongside him made me realize that whatever I do, education/kids/art/music/food/laughter/love has to be at the heart of it, all at the same time.

You’ve heard from us, now we want to hear from you!  Leave us a comment giving a shout-out to the educators in you life.  Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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