Stories from the Field: Aurora Molina at the Miramar Cultural Arts Complex

The Miramar Cultural Art Complex has been very exciting place to teach this summer.  The kids are very interested and are absorbing every element and principle of design I have taught them.  The first couple of classes I started introducing the elements of design. I could tell they were a little nervous as to where the art class was heading, but by the third class they started to put these in practice and I could say they understood and were aware of making good use of them. We apply all different kinds of lines and combinations of line into a session of intuitive drawing, where they where inspired by the music I had played for them. It became very smooth and they got in to the process after they filled the paper about 10ft long with lines.  They started to recognize patterns and shapes and filled them in with complimentary colors.

The other groups of 6-7 year olds were working on their self portraits and applying these same elements. These works are inspired by Chuck Close portraits, where patterns and shapes and color compose the portrait.  The 5-6 years old group  are making masks with foam and creating a body once they glued the mask on the paper, more of a 2 dimensional design. So far the camp is mashing at a perfect speed.  The kids are really involved and excited about their work.  They come to class wanting to continue working on their projects and looking forward to their Exhibition on August 7th.

-Aurora Molina

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