A Thank You to the Arts by Frank Fuentes, A4L Intern

For the past solid six strenuous years, I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to live in a world filled with passionate people who believed in the importance of art. Being granted an opportunity to surround yourself with people who have strong innate beliefs of the true fundamental purposes of art is nothing short of one of the greatest luxuries of life as a child. You can imagine how valuable this would mean to a student once society frowns upon the idea of funding the arts at the elementary and secondary educational facilities. To then be able to take the inspiration and all of the positive motivation from these artistically rich connections and pursue a major considered financially dangerous in this economy, architecture – is something that I owe to the people that attracted me to the arts. This is one reason why I have made it so far in achieving admittance to a nationally top ranked school, Syracuse University. However, there are many things that go unnoticed from my experiences and from my perspective; there are things that will never be credited, or acknowledged. There are experiences that only I can truly appreciate at the simplest level – at the individual level. Arts for Learning granted me an opportunity not to showcase the talent that I attained and developed from Design and Architecture Senior High (D.A.S.H.), but to create a connection with a group of students and give back to them the way I was given to, by raising their curiosity in a particular way that brought out the creativity in them. In personally grasping this idea of not only giving back to the community, but doing so in a legitimate manner that actually mattered to me – I made it my mission to open up the doors to these students. I made sure that each and every day I walked through the doors into the Little Haiti Community Center, my attitude reflected that of someone who aimed to improve the lives of students by offering them personal and artistic advice. Like nearly all organizations, there are agendas and missions explicitly stated by the head of the program. With Arts for Learning, teaching students how to draw and paint was what drove the students to be able to attain a better education at a magnet school such as D.A.S.H. or New World School of the Arts. Art was merely a vehicle to take the students to a destination they may not have otherwise have had the opportunity to be a part of, the magnet school programs. Without the faculty members who had it in their hearts to do the right thing, to help these students attain a better education, and without the interns – I would contend the success of the program would not have been as high as it is today. I would personally like to thank all of those I have been in contact with, who have made this program, this organization what it is today. More specifically, I believe Mrs. Maguire was the touching figure in my life. The level of enthusiasm, the level of natural talent, and the level of her ability to teach far exceeds any professor I have ever had. She is without a doubt, the inspiring figure in my life, one of the very few who truly had it in their best interests to help others. And for that, not only is this blog dedicated to you, but all of my success to be achieved will have to be attributed to you to a large degree. Thank you Ms. Maguire, and thank you Arts for Learning for allowing me to be a part of a truly incredible program.

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2 thoughts on “A Thank You to the Arts by Frank Fuentes, A4L Intern

  1. Arlyn Stebenne on said:

    That may be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever ever read. Ms.Maguire’s teaching has definitely rubbed off on you,because you have taught me so much. Thank you for being an intern at arts for learning.

  2. Jorjani on said:

    As a mother, I am amazed by Frank’s strong-will. Of course any mother would be extremely proud of their child accomplishing these feats but as Frank is the type of person that will not quit no matter what, it is because of his mindset that he is able to execute his goals. He takes pride in his work, both architecture and internship and is not only a great example to his brother Stephen, but his cousins and colleagues as well. I truly admire what he has been able to do thus far and can only look forward to seeing his next achievements.

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