What a Wonderful Experience This Was! by Joseph McDonald

On Friday July 27th, A4L’s inaugural six week ArtWorks summer intern program drew to a close.  Dance intern Joseph McDonald wanted to share his thoughts about his summer with the program.

The ArtWorks summer intern program is over FOR NOW, but saying goodbye is never easy. The Faculty, fellow Interns and I have been through the Sahara Desert and survived. This program has opened so many doors not only for me but others as well.

My experience with ArtWorks was spectacular; I loved every minute of the program. Even thought giving 150% is the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life I want to continue working hard for the things I want. I attend Miami Northwestern Senior High School and being able to get such an opportunity is a miracle. Living in an urban area the support for an African American male is extremely low. My ultimate goal is to show my community that we can set high standards and not live under the expectations of what others predict. How do I plan to do that??? When I become famous for my work and dance for enormous companies, I would love to come back to my community and introduce the world of arts. Urban areas do not really recognize the importance of the arts. My theory is if the arts are included into such communities we can help prevent death, prison rates and many more. That’s why Arts For Learning is fantastic, it does it all; all I want to do is take it to the next level.

ArtWorks has taught me a lot about myself. I was 14 entering this program, the youngest of all. I had the least amount experience in any and everything whether it was theatre or Dance.  I immediately thought I lost the battle when it hadn’t even started. As the days went by I decided to put up a fight.  I couldn’t be a threat to others if I was always hiding in the dark. I became an individual, I had my own opinion and wasn’t afraid to express that.

July 26, 2012 was a stressful day.  Why? The Interns had to put together a production. Actually we were preparing for this event from the beginning of the program. But applying what we’ve learned and making this event the bomb.org was an emotional ride. I am not going to get into detail, but the show was a success. All the blood, sweat, and tears were all worth it. I wish I could build a time machine for the ones that missed out.

Fun Fact: I got an award for Intern for the summer!

Arts for Learning is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing teaching and learning through the arts and community cultural resources by linking learning experiences to the real world. Next summer ArtWorks is branching out to other schools and unlike this summer my internship is not guaranteed. I will always continue to work my hardest and am thankful for what ArtWorks has taught me.

It’s tough letting go, maybe you’ll continue reading more of my blogs next year.

Bye Guys :- D, Joseph McDonald

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