A Pre-K Take on the Election Results

A letter from Latrice Bruno recounting the day after the presidential election.  The following conversation took place with a group of four and five year olds at Norland Elementary.

…I forgot to tell you what I learned last week. So I’m always interested in current events and I’m intrigued with knowing what my young audiences know.  So Wednesday I went to Norland and I started telling them how “tired” I was because I stayed up alllll night watching tv to see what happened…a really big event.  After a short conversation eventually the word VOTE popped up with resounding vibrato. And quickly after, I hear ” Mr. Obama won last night”.  Elated to hear how abreast they were with current events I tempted fate a step further.

Me: Really! What did he win?!

Student 1: (with the are you kidding me face) Mr. Obama won last night!

Me: (excitingly) What? What? What did he win?

Student: (slowly reading/directing it to me with his hands) On TV last night!

(Sidebar: surely by now he and the class must be thinking this teacher(me) may not be the smartest…)

Me: Yes! But what did he win?

Student 2: (sharply blurting with confidence) A present! Mr. Obama won a present last night.

Student 3: Mr. Obama owns the world!

So after my thorough education of current events I carried on with my lesson. Who would’ve ever thought pre school would be continued education for me.

Latrice M. Bruno

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